Class Policies

  • Making up classes-  Every family missed a class or two due to illness, travel plans, unexpected nap changes, etc.
    If you miss a class it's usually possible to do a make-up, but not guaranteed.  You can usually make up on another day in a class for your age group either before or after your absence. Making up on a Saturday is by advance reservation only and is limited to one family each week per Saturday class, to avoid crowding. If you miss an entire week, you will have missed that week's theme, but you are welcome to attend twice in one week to make-up, even though it will be the same class twice. Make-ups must be completed by the end of your session (this means no make-ups for missing the last week of classes unless enrolled in next session). Continuing students may make up a max of one class from the previous session in their next session. Please email  to make sure the make-up class you plan to attend is running. Everyone receives a weekly summary of the lesson with links to look up signs online, so it's easy to keep up. Be sure to read your book!
  •  Please avoid bringing your own toys to class
  • Please stay off your phone in class. It's disrespectful and distracting to instructor and other parents. Your baby needs your attention in class.
  •   Please carry or wear your baby into class, so we can reserve our very limited indoor stroller parking for those with multiples or who walk to class from home.
  • No strollers, shoes, or personal food inside carpeted classroom (nursing/ bottles OK, but no preparing formula over our rug)
  • When your child has mouthed a toy, please clean it with the wipes provided before returning it to play.  If it’s still wet, please place it on the table.
  • Please clean up spit-ups right away with the wipes provided
  • Please do not bring your child to class if either of you are sick (runny nose, coughing, fever, rash).
  • In the event that the instructor is sick or otherwise unable to attend a class, you will be notified by phone, so please keep your phone number up-to- date. If a sub is not available, a makeup will be scheduled for the missed class.
  • While we do welcome additional family members and caregivers in the class, we ask that you please limit the number of total adults attending to 2 per week, to avoid over-crowding.  Please contact your instructor if you have a special situation, and need to bring more than 2 one week.
  • Family and friend referrals are always welcome. Please feel free to bring a curious friend or family member and their baby (even if the baby is still in the tummy) to class one day, so they can see what it’s all about! To avoid overcrowding in class, please contact the instructor before hand.

Note on more active babies and toddlers: We like to allow the children to roam freely in class, so please keep and eye on them. No throwing toys or hitting.  Most toddlers have episodes of being too rough with other children, and group classes are a great opportunity to teach appropriate behavior and empathy.  If they are being too physical with another child (even if they don't mean any harm) or taking toys away from another child, redirect them with another toy, while creating some space between them and the other child. If they hit or repeatedly throw hard toys, even if they don't mean any harm, please take them out of classroom for brief time-out. This doesn't have to be punitive-- just a distraction, mostly. This is how we help them learn.