Baby Sign Language Basics™

Beginner class for Babies & Toddlers
 6 mos-walking/ Walkers- walking/very active 9-24 mos

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8 weeks $156 (start in either session)
Winter Session 1-  1/2-2/24  
Winter Session 2- 2/27-4/28 (Spring break 3/27-4/1)

Baby Sign Language Basics jump-starts communication long before speech is possible,  through a fun combination of American Sign Language, music, engaging activities for baby, and a weekly parent lesson .  Each week, families will learn 14-20 new signs for both daily routines and for fun things that motivate babies to communicate. Come prepared to learn, have fun, and make new friends!
Includes the best-selling book, Baby Sign Language Basics with over 300 ASL signs!
Specific class questions contact Baby Sign Language Basics  619-987-4834

Sign, Sing, & Play

Continuation class for toddlers & preschoolers age 1-5 years
Child must already have at least 4 signs or be accompanying an older sibling who does.

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8 weeks $120
Winter Session 1, Fridays 10am, 1/5-2/23

Winter Session 2- 2/27-4/28 (Spring break 3/27-4/1)

  This  class is perfect  for those families who’ve already got the Baby Sign Language Basics down and are looking for an activity that will consistently expose their child to ASL vocabulary along with songs and storytime. We’ll even start to learn our ABC’s!  Also a great choice for beginners who are already too big to attend "Basics" toddler class. 

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Specific class questions contact Baby Sign Language Basics 619-987-4834