Baby Sign Language Basics™

Beginner class for Babies & Toddlers
 6 mos-walking/ Mixed & Sibs- babies & toddlers 6-24 mos, great for siblings

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8 weeks $156 (start in either session)
Winter Session 1-  1/2-2/24  
Winter Session 2- 2/27-4/28 (Spring break 3/27-4/1)

Baby Sign Language Basics jump-starts communication long before speech is possible,  through a fun combination of American Sign Language, music, engaging activities for baby, and a weekly parent lesson .  Each week, families will learn 14-20 new signs for both daily routines and for fun things that motivate babies to communicate. Come prepared to learn, have fun, and make new friends!
Includes the best-selling book, Baby Sign Language Basics with over 300 ASL signs!
Specific class questions contact Baby Sign Language Basics  619-987-4834