Options & Clarification for Nov/ Dec 2019 dates:

There are 8 classes for all Nov/ Dec 2019 classes.

The one variation is that the Tues and Weds classes will meet the week of Thanksgiving, while Fri and Sat classes will not.

So, if you sign up for Tues or Weds, you will be able to complete 8 classes by the week before Christmas. If you sign up for Fri or Sat you will finish only 7 classes by the week before Christmas (because you had Thanksgiving week off), break for Christmas week, and then come back after the new year.

If you want to attend on Tues and Weds, but you will be gone the entire week of Thanksgiving, I have provided a workaround:

The final Fri and Sat class, meeting in January, will be class 5, from Thanksgiving week. So, if you happen to be traveling the week of Thanksgiving, you can reserve a make up for January 3rd or 4th, space permitting.