Baby Sign Language Basics Syllabus

Baby Sign Language Basics Session 1

Week 1-A Getting Started Signs and Pets                                             

Week 2-A Playtime Actions and Toys/ Attention-Getting Strategies       

Week 3-A Family Members/ Cool Grown-up Stuff (keys, phone…)     

Week 4-A Foods/ Music Signs / Recognizing Approximations           

Week 5-A Clothing & Dressing/ Weather                                           

Week 6-A Bedtime/ Reading Strategies                                                

Week 7-A Forest Animals/ Safety & Discipline                            

Week 8- Playground Signs/ Signs for Senses                              

Baby Sign Language Basics Session 2

Week 1-B Getting Started/ Choosing Firs Signs/ Farm Friends               

Week 2-B Things that Go/ Actions/ Attention-Getting Strategies          

Week 3-B Emotions/ Teaching the sign for HELP                              

Week 4-B Manners/ Friends                                                                                                             

Week 5-B Potty & Diaper/ Opposites/ Diaper Strategies                                          

Week 6-B Colors/ Fruits/ Recognizing Approximations                         

Week 7-B  Bath & Body/ Teaching the sign for PAIN                              

Week 8-B Nature/ Outdoors       (November/ December session only 7 weeks)