Baby Sign Language Basics author, Monta Z Briant, performs Sign-a-Story Circle Time at San Diego City & County Libraries. Here Monta demonstrates the ASL sign for DANCE.

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Once families learn how to use sign language for early communication through my classes, books, or videos, they often  realize they want to go further, continuing to add more vocabulary. To meet this need, in  2006 I started partnering with the city and county of San Diego to offer my Sign-a-Story Circle Time at local libraries.  I perform at several branches each week, year round.  During storytime,  I sign along with books and music,  also using toys, felt or other props for added visual interest.  

Note to parents:
 Storytime is a performance rather than a class. The groups tend to be large and mixed age, preventing inclusion of the hands-on activities we are able to do in my comprehensive participation classes. Storytime assumes attending families have already learned the basics of how to apply sign language with their child. There is no "how to"  instruction at Storytime.

Baby Sign Language Basics author Monta Z Briant performing her Sign-a-Story Circle Time at North University Community Library in San Diego.

Want to see this program at your local library? Ask your librarian and support Friends of the Library which pays for these programs!

Attention Librarians!

Interested libraries can book this program as a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly event. There is enough curriculum for 6 months of weekly programming without repetition. 
Each performance is 30 minutes and can accomodate any size group.

For libraries or other organizations wishing to host a more comprehensive baby signing education, I offer a Class/ Storytime Combo Series which combines a brief weekly lesson for parents followed by Sign-a-Story Circle Time.
Class/ Combo Series lasts consists of 8 weekly 45-minute events and can be done with any size group.

Libraries desiring to schedule an event please check the Event Calendar for a time that might work for your branch, then email to discuss scheduling. (I'm in the library performer data base)