Our Instructors

Baby Sign Language Basics instructors have an absolute passion for opening up communication between parents and little ones. 
All of our instructors have formal sign language training and/or have used ASL extensively in their professional lives, and if they are parents, have signed with their own babies


Monta Z. Briant
Author/ Lead instructor

Monta is  the creator of this class and author of the best-selling Baby Sign Language Basics books and materials – all from Hay House Publishing. She's also owner/ director of Baby Garten Studio.

I signed with both of my children from infancy, and signing enabled us to bond with each other on a level that never would have been possible otherwise. The experience was so amazing for my family that I have been compelled to share signing with other families ever since. My greatest joy is helping families to open a window into their baby’s minds and personalities. I get the biggest thrill every time a baby in my class does their first sign– it always seems like a miracle, even though I have seen it happen thousands of times now!

Hallie with Bear Headshot.JPG

Hallie Silvas-Muellar
MA, Developmental/ Play Therapist & ASL Interpreter

Hallies has been teaching Saturday classes for BSB since 2015. Hallie Silvas-Mueller grew up in Riverside where there is one-of-two deaf schools in the state of California. Her first introduction to sign language was learning the alphabet in the 3rd grade, then later using it to finger spell through the fence and across the street to the kids at CSDR (California school for the Deaf Riverside) In undergrad, she took up ASL and interpreting, completing all levels. Upon moving to Los Angeles to complete her Masters degree, Hallie began working for a Nonprofit with families and children with Special needs, incorporating ASL with both her infant, deaf and non-verbal clients. Hallie currently lives in San Diego with her husband and  rambunctious toddler boy, Bastian.

Linda Hernandez and Boys.JPG

Linda Hernandez
BA Communicative Disorders

I am very passionate in teaching baby sign language to parents because it's a wonderful experience to communicate with your baby before he or she says their first word.  I have used baby sign language with my two boys and have been amazed on their ability to express their needs, wants and thoughts. My background with American Sign Language (ASL) is: Two years of schooling at both Cuyamaca College and San Diego State University.  I have a BA in Communicative Disorders and a minor in Audiology.  I work as a para educator in Special Education through San Diego Unified School District.  I have been teaching Baby Sign Language since 2007 and have tutored students in the past.  I encourage parents to take a baby sign language class, to learn different strategies in how to use baby sign language through play, singing, and music.